We are innovative IoT minded company that specializes hardware development along with distribution of its platform and service. With vast knowledge of BLE Beacons and IoT services, we are ready to lead the era of Internet of Things and bring it a step closer to reality.

It all started in the summer of 2015 with a one thing in mind: make IOT a reality. Knowing many smart devices are out there that are very innovative yet too expensive or unfamiliar, we wanted it to make it affordable and direct by simplifying it all. Our choice is BEACON, a small relatively inexpensive smart BLE device that constantly sends signals to encourage users to engage via mobile phone that can be implemented on almost anything or any place. We deliver straightforward products and services that are going to work when and where you need it.

Our founding team is made of experts in hardware engineering, software development, manufacturing, marketing and enterprise business development. We have close experience working with companies, including SK telecom, LG U+, SAMSUNG Electronics, and SM Entertainment. We know what it takes to deliver the quality that they expect.